Thursday, April 21, 2011

Immigration Reform should be a Higher Priority than the Border Fence

An experiment:
Pretend you are a poor Mexican (in Mexico) with no family in the US, and no specific offer of a job in the US. You want to immigrate so that you can look for a good job and live the American Dream (TM).

Let's also imagine for a minute that you have internet access (I know it's unrealistic, but it's the only way I might convince some of my readers to participate in this experiment).

Start at and find the forms and procedures for you to become a US citizen.

This was as far as I got. Let me know if you have any more luck than I do.

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  1. I don't know HOW I missed a chance to comment on my most intellectual friend's blog, but it seems I missed the email for some odd reason! This particular topic hits a little closer to home with me then most topics, but just barely. I have never been in this situation, but I have relatives who were pretty close to this. Luckily, they have family in the states to help them with the process.

    Here is what I found buddy,

    Jennifer says Tia said that you said that I would probably say if you were going to say that you should have said you wanted to hang out this weekend. Sounds great man, I miss you and Tia! Stupid living in the middle of nowhere, you should come visit just to see how far away it is! ^_^