Friday, April 22, 2011


I think we could all use a reminder of the "double-standard we apply that reviles others as rule-breaking intruders while celebrating ourselves a go-getting renegades who don’t let the rules slow us down."


  1. You seem to be on a roll with this immigration stuff my friend! Whatever happened with this topic to make you think about it so much? If I had to guess, it has to be one of those political commentary songs which turns a political event into song duh. :p Better yet, did the government figure out you were actually born in Mexico, and you are enlisting the help of your readers to inadvertently find you a loop hole to jump through to "regain" your citizenship? Well, as an "American" its my duty to keep foreigners like you out of my country and taking all of our jobs! There are plenty of "real Americans" who could do the Computer Administration job you were luckily given by our caring, forgiving government.

    Now that I think about these comments, anyone who doesn't know our friendship must think me a total...something. Don't know what that something is, but I assure you, it can't be good! 0_o

  2. Yes, poor Mexican me... I wanted to find out how to get my citizenship, but I was too busy eating beans and sleeping. So I figured I'd make my blog readers (all 3 of them) do it for me.

    I don't remember what got me upset about it for the first post. It might have been the stuff in the news lately about the many states pushing out English-Only legislation, or Papers-Please laws.

    This post was a throwback to the first. I follow the slacktivist blog, and thought I'd link to a post I found insightful. You know how sometimes an idea's on your mind and suddenly everybody's talking about it?