Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Climate Change is Real; In Other News, Water is Wet

I stumbled on this summation of the Global Warming debate. It's pretty informative for the lay-person. If you are interested in hearing what the scientific community (specifically the vast majority of climatologists) has found about Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect, this article is for you.

If you don't think scientists know what they say they do, I'm glad to hear it. The fact that you will be refudiating (SP) modern science (medicine, computers, cell phones, transportation) means that you won't be bothering me much. I guess I should wonder how a neo-Luddite found my blog.

If you believe the scientific community is lying as part of some conspiracy, then nothing I or anyone else says will probably convince you. After all, the talking penguin and I probably work for the scientists. This is all part of our evil plan to rule the world by freezing the planet with our Freeze-inator. Please see yourself out.


At some point in America, it became the new in-vogue thing to disbelieve experts. I don't know where I was on the day that people who were informed and educated on a topic became the new lunatic fringe, but I'd really like things to go back now. Some people say that all of society's ills can be blamed on poor moral values (biblical ones) or on the crumbling family. I blame the low esteem we've given to our smart people (not everything, but quite a bit). Scientists study something their whole lives, finding the sort of evidence that most criminal trials can't match and then the general public says "We know better than you silly scientists. And also you're a nerd. Go back to the lab pointdexter."


I just wanted to put this link to NASA's Global Climate Change page. I realized that there might be another group of people listening: those that are interested in hearing the evidence, but don't trust the penguin (or the author). There might be a subset of this group that can't google NASA's evidence page, so I've included the link for you all.

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