Friday, June 3, 2011

Obama's Wrong Button "Controversy"

Here's more on that wrong button controversy.

According to the LA Times article that discusses the issue, "The rules allow state lawmakers to clear up a mishap if they suffered from a momentary case of stumbly fingers or a lapse in attention. Correcting the record is common practice (emphasis mine) in the Illinois Legislature, where lawmakers routinely cast numerous votes in a hurry.",0,1306515.story

Apparently most of the controversy on this issue came as a result of a show on MSNBC called "Morning Joe" with former Congressman Joe Scarsborough (R). According to Mr. Scarsborough
""I voted tens of thousands of times, and you know -- there is a green button that says 'Yea' .. and there is a red button that says 'Nay' ... and then there's a yellow button that ... says 'Abstain.' "
However, according to the Congressional Record for March 30, 2000, as a member of the House of Representatives, following a roll call vote in which Scarborough was recorded as voting "aye," Scarborough stated on the floor of the House: "I inadvertently voted 'yes.' I meant to vote 'no.' ""

To be clear, no one is denying this happened. I'm saying that this isn't as big an issue as people are making it. Humans make mistakes. This is a common thing in state and federal legislatures. This is just people trying to dig up dirt where there isn't anything unusual going on.

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